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Converted Seattle Firehouse Has Serious Single Family Home Potential

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Formerly known as Firehouse No. 33, this Rainier Beach building could make a cool home

If you're looking for a Seattle home opportunity that requires a bit of elbow grease and a bit more imagination, you might want to consider the building at 10235 62nd Avenue S in Lakeridge formerly known as Firehouse No. 33. The converted building just hit the open market asking $524,888.

Built in 1914 to accommodate a horse-drawn fire engine for the Seattle Fire Department, it was designed with Tudor style in mind in order to fit in with surrounding Lakeridge neighborhood near Rainier Beach. The horses were gone by 1924 but it remained home to a fire engine until the 70's. The building was sold in 1973 when it became a private residence, though it was designated a landmark in 1976.

The place has been refurbished in the years since but you can still see it's origins. The firepole is intact, of course. The remodel has made for some unique looks in the bathrooms and hallways, at least as a place for a family to live.

The third-floor is a master suite-in-waiting that still needs to be created, so keep that in mind when you think about this investment. Plus, because the home is on a subdivided double-lot, there's room to build another house or two if you wanted. There's a lot of possibility here.
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