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Break Convention With This $479K Geodesic House on Bainbridge

At least one thing's certain, you won't be seen as square

Geodesic homes seem like such a good idea: strong, light, and maximizing volume for a given surface area. It had fans like Buckminster Fuller. If you agree, take a look at this 1,964 square foot example on Bainbridge that is listed at $479,000. If you don't agree, take a look anyway as a reminder that houses don't have to be boxes.

Be glad they replaced the roof in 2010. Domes don't have simple roof lines. They took care of that for you already.

From the outside, the house is definitely distinctive, but the setting is 0.41 acres of native foliage and forest. Take a short walk and find Manzanita Bay; very much a Northwest property.

The interior is where the practicalities of living in a dome meet the geodesic ideal. The kitchen is framed with square internal walls, but much of the rest obviously is dealing with triangles and segmented arcs. If you're unconventional, the new shapes are opportunities for a new perspective. If your furniture fits into right angles, you may have to be more innovative with where you put the couch.

At its essence, it is still a 3 bedroom, 1.75 bath house that has survived for over thirty years of use, or at least weather. As unconventional as the shape may be, the colors inside are white on white on white. Paint each triangular panel a different color and make it as visually engaging inside as well as outside.

At least living in a conversation piece means always having yet another story to tell at the next party.

· 6455 NE Brigham Rd, Bainbridge Island [Estately]