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Squire Park Art Inn boutique hotel closing in on approval

The boutique hotel would be a four-story, 15-room project at 1225 E Jefferson Street

If all goes well at tonight's design review board meeting, Central District may soon be getting an Art Inn. To which you respond, "What is an Art Inn?"

Capitol Hill Seattle spoke with developers Emily Magnatto and Giuseppe Pezzano about the project, which they're also opening in other places around the world such as Portugal and Italy.

"Big chain hotels are not much of an experience," Magnatto said of her husband Pezzano’s globetrotting learnings. With worldwide businesses involving mobile phone rental and now involvement in the high stakes of the global soccer economy, Magnatto and Pezzano are creating what they hope will become a hospitality brand that stands for interesting, local experiences. "Each Art Inn has kind of a different, added element," Magnatto said. In Seattle, that will mean a cafe and bakery designed as part of the Squire Park-area development bringing "lovely smells, and lovely breakfast" to the hotel’s guests.

The boutique hotel would be a four-story, 15-room project at 1225 E Jefferson Street that also includes 1,400 sq. ft. of street-level bakery/cafe space. Up top there'll be a roof deck with planters and space for guests to roam.

Hybrid Architecture is handling designs, which includes ttranslucent glass spandrels to create a continuous glossy facade from the exterior.

As for what exactly makes it an "art" experience, that remains to be seen. But it certainly looks like a unique addition to the neighborhood and one that'll be attractive to guests looking for a non-corporate experience.
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