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Consider a $250K cabin in Easton as your mountain getaway

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The snowpack is melting out of Snoqualmie Pass, a good time to see the houses and the lots that are for sale without having to shovel out 400 inches of snow

Pick the factoid that best typifies this cabin in Easton: the fact that the house and the shop have the same square footage, the design choice that put a pool table in the same room as the kitchen and the bedroom, or the lantern perched among the decorative lighting.

For $250,000 you can buy a 2001 cabin that makes skiing and hiking easy because the 0.5 acre property sits within a short walk of Lake Kachess. Location makes having fun much easier.

The shop and the house have the same square footage because the living space sits on top of the garage; which makes sense because the lower windows probably have a good chance of being covered with snow for part of the year. Of course, that does suggest some plowing will be required - or a very good snow machine.

A pool table beside the kitchen and the bed makes sense as a lifestyle choice, and one that meant convincing someone to deliver a pool table to the second floor. It is basically a very large studio that is being described as 1 bedroom and a 0.75 bath, which makes it sound far more conventional. As silly or indulgent as it may sound, a pool table has an important advantage: it provides entertainment without electricity.

As for losing power, that's probably why a bright red oil lantern is stuck among the twinkle lights. Pretty lights may create ambiance, but pragmatism rules in a place where the power can go out as the snows come in. That fact that it is sitting there suggests a certain frequency, or at least emergency preparedness.

As remote as it may seem, they claim Seattle is only a 45 minute drive; though Google Maps suggest that would only get you past North Bend. Of course, that may be good enough; especially when you consider the benefit of being able to call in sick because the pass is closed (and there just happens to be fresh snow to play with.)

· 271 Kachess River Rd, Easton [Zillow]

Snoqualmie Pass

1001 State Route 906, Snoqualmie, WA