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Washington State Ferries dropping wi-fi at end of June

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Only two percent of ferry users are currently using it, so you probably won't miss it

We don't know what it was like for you but on the rare occassions we used internet service provider Boingo while riding a Washington State Ferry, it was pretty meh. Not sure if that's an issue with them or an issue with wi-fi on a ferry, but either way it won't be an issue come July 1. That's when WSF will cease wi-fi service aboard all of their ferries.

The ferry system took the step after it was unable to find a single vendor or provider willing to continue offering the wireless Internet access service, said WSF spokesman Ian Sterling.

The contract actually ended last year but has been continuing month-to-month while the state Department of Transportation put out a request for bids. Since no companies responded, wi-fi will disappear at the end of the month, Sterling said.

With so many passengers using their smortphone data plans instead of plucking down money for temporary service, it just didn't seem worth it anymore. According to Sterling, only two percent of riders currently use it.

As for the stale pretzels, WSF has no updates on that.