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$70K Seattle-based tiny house on wheels rolls in style

You don't find too many tiny homes on wheels within city limits

The Pacific Northwest is known for tiny houses, cottages, bungalows, cabins, and houseboats; but it is uncommon to find a tiny house on wheels (THOW) within the city limits, especially on North Queen Anne. That's the first thing that's uncommon about this tiny.

From the outside, this place lives up to its self-proclaimed title of "Not Your Average Tiny House." Instead of the now-classic peaked roof there's a shed roof, instead of wood siding all around there's a mix that includes metal, instead of looking like a study in brown there's color in the metal, on the door, and probably on the roof because it is metal, too.

Inside, the builder/owner/almost resident filled the space with fine woodwork. Tongue and groove pine boards cover the walls and ceiling. The dominant theme is black and white, which will make any color decoration stand out. The style shifts in the 3/4 bathroom that is lined in cedar, making the entire room an air freshener. The kitchen (which has a 3 burner range) is distinctive because of its quartz counter and mosaic back splash. While it lists as a one bedroom because of the queen bed in the loft, the couch also can become a second queen sized bed. The second loft creates the possibility of another space for small people, or storage.

A tiny house priced at $69,500 can sound expensive when compared against others who build theirs from leftover materials, but this tiny has a relatively (or at least above average) level of quality. To put it in perspective, at 300 square feet, it is small for most homes, large for THOWs; and relatively inexpensive per square foot at $232/sq ft when compared to the average for North Queen Anne of $407.

One extra uncommon sign of Seattle innovation is the liberal use of outlets that include USB plugs. Even the techie will feel at home.

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