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41-story Denny Center stays ahead of the curve in latest renderings

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Check out the new renderings for this curvy addition to the Seattle skyline

Bosa Properties' and ZGF Architects' big plans for a 41-story tower at 2014 Fairview Avenue called Denny Center caught our attention back in November for the way early designs implied a unique curving structure that would be sure to stand out in the ever-crowded Seattle skyline. Tuesday evening they’ll bring updated plans before the design review board for a recommendation meeting and it gives us a chance to see even better renderings of what might be.

Plans for the 41-story tower calls for 437 residential units, including “a mechanical penthouse,” 9,000 square-feet of commercial and retail space, five floors of parking with 298 stalls, and 20,000 square feet of amenity space. Some of those amenity spaces include a fitness center, lounge, business center, and a rooftop terrace.

The curved residential part of the tower will sit on top of a four-story podium. As part of the recommendations they received at the last meeting, the designers have evolved the curved balconies to “add more dynamism to the tower movement” and a smoother transition between the curved section and podium has been included. The very top of the tower was made more distinct by removing some extraneous pieces.