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Escape to this secluded $289K Snoqualmie Pass cabin

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Secluded, pristine, and wilderness are great things to hear about a mountain cabin - assuming you can get there, and back

Secluded, pristine, and wilderness are great things to hear about a mountain cabin. About a mile from Snoqualmie Pass' ski areas, surrounded by lands protected by a conservancy, which are surrounded by wilderness protected by Congress is the Ski Tur Valley - and this $289,000, 1996 cabin. All that and only a one hour commute to Seattle (weather, roads, slides, and traffic permitting.)

As if the setting wasn't private enough, the neighborhood is also gated. That's also why there's a monthly expense of $35, rather moderate considering condo dues.

The cabin is an elevated A-frame with 1,054 square feet. While it includes 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms, they state it's designed to hold at least a dozen. Evidently, either skiers don't take up much space, or don't care about personal zones when they're tired after a day of downhill or cross-country. Expect a line for the bathroom, or a walk into the great outdoors. It isn't a log cabin, but it does include a lot of those touches, partly because it must in an area that can get very basic very quickly if power goes out, or blizzards come in, or both.

With plenty of grand spaces in the area, there's little reason for a large lot; which partly explains the 5,227 square foot lot.

The steep, metal roof of a cabin is essential in a place that gets a hundred inches of rainfall and four hundred inches of snow. If you want to be that close to hiking and skiing, you get to deal with mountain weather. At least the commute to the lifts and trails is short enough that you may not need a car - though a snow plow or snow machine might be handy.

The conveniences of modern life as close as possible to wilderness is uncommon. It's probably a good idea to keep the pets indoors, though. Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my.

· 17 Alaska Mountain Way, Snoqualmie Pass [Estately]