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Good news, Pokémon Go players, Seattle among most mobile-friendly U.S. cities

Seattle's average upload speed and download speed make it a prime spot for Pokémon play

If you've spent any time in a Seattle park, or just stood outside for long enough, you've no doubt come across some Pokémon Go players in the midst of catching Pokémon, training them at gyms or working in tandem with other players to lure more. Chances are you might even be one of those people.

It's little surprise that this game has really taken off here. Seattle's a pretty tech-savvy environment already thanks to the companies that call the region home and all "those damn millennials" populating the new apartment complexes. It also makes it a lot easier for folks to constantly be on their phones playing because Seattle is among the top mobile-friendly cities in America.

That's according to NerdWallet, who examined carrier network performance, carrier network coverage, taxes and fees, and crime risk in order to make their list. Seattle came in at No. 4 overall, trailing only Atlanta, San Diego, and Sacramento.

Washington’s biggest city excels in upload speed and download speed, ranking in the top five for each, and it had the best carrier network coverage among the cities analyzed. The city’s Information Technology office features mobile apps that cater to specific city services. Seattle also offers discounted smartphones to low-income residents. The city would have ranked higher on our list had it not been home to the nation’s highest wireless tax rate (25.15%), which includes national, state and local wireless taxes and fees. Compared with other cities, Seattle has a relatively low density of mobile phone stores.

Seattle actually has better average upload speeds than two of the three cities ahead of it but got dinged for having an extremely-low number of mobile stores, which seems surprising, and those aforementioned taxes.

Still, we can't imagine anything is going to stop people from getting their Pokémon, at least until they lose interest in a couple weeks...

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