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$4.9M Bridle Trails mansion big enough for you and your horses

Who wants a gaming room when you can have a gaming wing?

Every mansion has something that makes it unique. In this $4,858,000 mansion in Bridle Trails instead of a recreation room, or a game room, there's a game wing, an entire wing that can be devoted to having fun - or acting as an MIL. Take your pick.

The opulence is evident everywhere. Walk into the entry and look up 27 feet to a dome of gold and stained glass. A circular staircase wraps around the room giving you the opportunity for grand entrances (and giving kids an opportunity for dropping water balloons, but the nanny would never allow that.) Even staying within the formal areas will give guests plenty of room to roam while they absorb the luxury.

It is a house of superlatives. That can happen when architects and designers get to deal with 9,760 square feet under roof. Want a grand kitchen? Fine. Bring in the wood cabinetry, marble counters, and stainless steel appliances; and then add two more kitchens. Three staircases, naturally, because otherwise it would take too long to get between floors if one was too far away. There's an elevator for those who want or need that option. A media room, office, library, master suite with stepped alcove, sauna - all things that warrant more description, but then it would take a book to cover it all.

All of that effort wraps around 4 bedrooms and 6.5 baths (with heated floors, of course.)

Step out onto the veranda to connect to the acreage; but first, visit the outdoor kitchen that is as better-furnished than conventional indoor kitchens. Don't be surprised to hear a whinny or a neigh. This is Bridle Trails, so taking care of horses is part of the design. There's a barn, stable, and riding ring; but that undersells the luxury that even the horses experience. Even their barn and stable look like well-crafted houses, that just happen to have overly large doors.

It might be hard to just drop by, though. There's an iron gate that's either keeping people out, horses in, or a bit of both.

· 3830 134th Ave NE, Bellevue [Estately]