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Seattle's newest industry: Pokémon Go safari drivers

Pokémon Go has people on the move all around Seattle and some folks have figured out a way to make it safer and make a few bucks

Pokémon Go has Seattleites swarming the city in search of the best creatures, the strongest gyms, and the must clutch Pokéstops. Most players are being sensible about how they move from place to place but there's enough concern over people playing Pokémon Go while they drive or even while they cross the road that daily reminders have been deemed necessary by city and state departments.

So if it makes sense not to Pokémon & Drive, then you're going to need another way to get around. Buses and light rail don't give you quite the flexibility you need. And so, it then only makes sense that an entirely new industry is cropping up all around this game: Pokémon Go Safari Drivers.

Rideshare companies like Lyft are falling over themselves to make sure players know they're just an app away.

And Craigslist is full of offers from people to be your designated driver while you bury your face in your phone and send them in search of your next find.

Some are available to Team Valor trainers only. Some offer different options, like a hotspot tour for $20 or full-day service to wherever you want to go ($1,000). Others will make sure the car is loaded with water and snacks. Some even offer to provide you with expert tips along the way.

And of course there's also the Safari party bus option. For $25 you get a bus ride with fellow trainers, learn tips and tricks from the organizers, free charging, a Pokémon guide, and "90's era snacks" because let's face it you're probably a millennial.

You can bet the list of ways to monetize the Pokémon Go craze is only just beginning and everyone else should have their money-making plans figured out just in time for the whole thing to die down.
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