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Attack of the small efficiency dwelling unit buildings: Eastlake & Greenwood edition

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Let's see what the latest round of small efficiency dwelling unit projects coming to Seattle look like

We used to do a series called Attack of the Townhomes where we'd round up all of the townhouse projects in development around Seattle. While there's still plenty of those, small efficient dwelling unit (a.k.a. micro-apartment) buildings are popping up with more regularity now that the city has finalized a code for them. Let's take a look at two projects up for review that could be packing Seattleites into it's tiny apartments soon enough.

Address: 2303 Franklin Avenue E
What Is It?: Eastlake Apartments, including 16 SEDUs (approx. 330 sf.) and eight 2-BRs
Developer: Rudd Development
Architect: Diepenbrock Architecture
Neighborhood: Eastlake
Amenities & Features: Multiple courtyard areas, bike wash, rooftop deck with garden, Built Star 4 green
Parking: None
What's The Status?: In streamlined design review

Address: 1109 N. 92nd Street
What Is It?: Z Apartments Aurura, including 12 SEDUs and 11 EDUs (efficiency dwelling units, which are not quite as small, obviously)
Developer: Opex Investments
Architect: Novion Group
Neighborhood: Greenwood
Amenities: Roof deck
Parking: None
What's The Status?: In streamlined design review