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Every Pokéstop and Gym in Seattle, Mapped

Way to crowdsource, everyone

Are you a Pokémon Go player looking for a new gym to conquer or another Pokéstop to snag some sweet in-game items? The below map (courtesy of the fine folks at Pokemon Go Seattle} has you covered with their crowdsourced map of every Pokéstop and gym in Seattle and the surrounding Puget Sound region.

The red map points are Pokéstops while the yellow map points are gyms. Pokéstops are areas where players are able to gather free in-game items like potions. Gyms on the other hand are areas where players are able to do battle and power up.

If interested in contributing to the above map, go to it right here.

If you're brand new to Pokémon Go and just want to find popular spots where it's easy to get started, check out Curbed’s beginner's map right here.

Want a more thorough explainer of this new mobile game taking the nation by storm? Head on over to this explainer.

Remember to respect private property and not trespass and there are plenty of people more than happy to drive you around town to hit every single one of these Poképlaces.
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