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1927 West Seattle tiny bungalow lists for $330K

Living in a West Seattle tiny house sounds trendy, but for someone it might just be the most pragmatic choice

When they built this sweet 540 square foot tiny house in 1927 they probably never imagined the West Seattle Bridge. They certainly didn't imagine the current listing price of $330,000, and that it would be half of today's Seattle median home price. Take it as good news or sad news, but the tiny house has great access to the pedestrian overpass, and surprisingly good commute for the right job.

Location is important, but the house is important, too. As with most tinies, it is a 1 bedroom, 1 bath. Because it was built almost ninety years ago, many of the architectural choices were made far before tiny houses were trendy. From a quick glance at the photos, though, the house looks new enough to be something purposely built for today's densifying Seattle housing market.

Inside is a simple great room design from before 'great room' was common. It's a style that makes entertaining easy because the cook isn't trapped in the kitchen. Maybe they are, but at least they can be part of the conversation. The flooring is a pragmatic combination of wood, laminate, and tile, which must help define the spaces since fewer walls are at work.

Outside, the front porch expands the living space, and is covered so it is useful in our rainier weather. The 5,200 square foot back yard has a porch, too; but it is smaller - like an outdoor mudroom. A gazebo adds yet another space, just in case you want a bit of separation from the house. Maybe that party got too noisy.

As for the sweeping pedestrian overpass that sits above the property line, you can dream of hanging some art from it, but you'll have to check with the authorities. Maybe a long slide or a fireman's pole for quick access. Being a bit serious though, if you work at the local steel plant, you can have a short, sweet, walk for a commute. That can be worth a lot.

· 3221 SW Andover St [Windermere]