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The five cheapest condos for sale in First Hill right now

We searched First Hill for five affordable homes, which are all condos, obviously

Hope you weren't looking for homes in today's look at the least expensive places to buy in First Hill. The search revealed tiny units in tall-ish buildings that all come in under $350K. Come to think of it, that's part of Seattle's story right now.

If you start with a famous architect, John Graham who designed the Space Needle, give it a location like a south end unit, list the materials as granite, stainless steel, and marble, then place it with a walk score of 98, you might expect to pay a lot more than $275,000. That's for a 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 630 square foot condo that was built in 1950, long before the Space Needle went up, and back when Seattle was switching from its World War II economy. There's a history here. There's also a $560 per month fee as they boost the reserves. Check to see if that's for something that was recently spent, or with a plan in mind, or just getting ready for rainy days.

For a house, five stories is exceptional. For a condo, that's rather short, but still tall. This unit is on the fourth floor with a west view. The price is slightly higher, $299,500. The dues are somewhat lower, $411 per month. The size is remarkably similar, 686 square feet. There's no surprise then that it has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. It was built in 2001, but already has new carpet and a new refrigerator. Take a hint from the staging and keep a container garden on the balcony, if you like that sort of thing.

Spend more and get less? It depends on how you look at it. This studio unit is priced at $300,000, only slightly higher than the previous units, but without a separate bedroom in the slightly smaller 560 square feet. At least the midnight snacks are that much closer. But look at the view. How much is Mt. Rainier worth to you? Two other bonuses: 1) the dues are $254 per month, and 2) Seattle U is nearby. Handy for students and faculty, or folks that just like having campuses in the neighborhood.

Even being on the 13th floor doesn't get you a top floor unit (that would be on the 16th floor, we guess), but it does enjoy a 270 degree view to the southwest, so that probably helps. It is another 1 bedroom, 1 bath; this time with 568 square feet. If the Convention Center or its neighbors are a destination, this might just work. They're asking $324,950 for the 1957 unit that actually shows some color on its walls. Paint may not cost much, but it does make a difference.

A unit in the same building as the $300,000 unit listed above is going for a bit more, $349,000 (plus the $349 monthly fee.) The extra money gets you a 1 bedroom, 1 bath instead of a studio, and more living space, 764 square feet. Take a tour yourself to see if the view changes. The location will certainly be the same.

· 1105 Spring St APT 1011 [Zillow]

· 1101 E Terrace St APT 401 [Zillow]

· 412 11th Ave APT 510 [Zillow]

· 1400 Hubbell Pl APT 1303 [Zillow]

· 412 11th Ave APT 308 [Zillow]