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Olympia estate lives the water skier's dream with man-made lake

If you truly design a house to fit your passion, what would it look like? For water skiers it could include a 2,100 foot long man-made lake

Water skiers need space. Professional water skiers need more. One way to get enough room to practice without having to worry about amateurs, boaters, and anyone else is by making your own 2,100 foot long tournament ski lake. Site that within 48 acres and you've got a unique workout space. The only other thing you need is $2,995,000.

A few minutes from Olympia is an estate with a man-made lake that looks designed for one stated purpose, running a boat back and forth to exercise a particular and uncommon skill: water skiing. There are few few natural lakes that are that long, straight, and private.

Usually, the focus then shifts to the main house, but in this case there's also an airplane hangar. Where's there's a hangar there's probably an airfield, or at least another long, straight, and private parcel - this time as a grass strip. With that much acreage, why not? Your ski friends, or maybe your competitors, can fly directly to the site. Maybe a float plane could work, too. The barn and equestrian center are probably there for other reasons.

Okay, so there is a house; and it does warrant attention because it is a timber, log, and river rock country style 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath house with 2,320 square feet that was built in 1997. It's easy to imagine a crowd of tired skiers settling in after a day of running back and forth on the lake. The two easiest things to draw their attention could be the large kitchen and the media room, though the hot tub might be appealing for those who haven't had too much of the water.

With the lake, the hangar, the house, and the size of the property it makes sense that there's a caretaker's apartment. That's a lot of any homeowner to try to manage alone.

As if that wasn't enough, there's another entrance to the property (both gated) that includes an 878 square foot guesthouse and a 792 square foot clubhouse. There's a boat house that actually looks like a house, not just a shed. It sits on the shore, which is convenient enough, but the boat house also has its own lagoon, just in case they need to park a fleet, or corral the kids when they're swimming. Two boat lifts treat the tired boats to some rest, too. As part of the offering, they're including the boats and the furniture.

As a final touch, they mention 4 lots with 3 bedroom septics, just in case you want your lake to be a little less lonely. So, how much do you like to ski?

· 6821 128th Ave SW, Olympia [Estately]