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Stylish Northlake floating home lists for $565K

If you're going to live an unconventional life on a lake, it makes sense to have a somewhat unconventional house, too

From the outside, two features make this floating home along Northlake distinctive: the curving roof and the shiny steel hull. Other Northwest Contemporaries look like conventional homes plunked onto floats; but this David Peck built stands out by looking like it wants to gracefully shed our rains while also sitting proud on Lake Union. $565,000 gets you that and an equally distinctive Brice Butler interior.

Inside, the design plays with lots of little tiles, some of steel, some of ceramic, all of which are concentrated in the kitchen and bath: winter tones for the kitchen, earth tones for the bath. The rest of the interior mixes wood and those grey tones to simultaneously make the space warm and modern; appropriate for a Seattle floating home built in 2012. For a bit of color, besides what you may bring, an art glass door mimics sea life - just in case you need a reminder that you have fish in the basement. All of those touches, and 1 bedroom and 0.75 bathroom fit in 675 square feet. The smaller size makes the artistic details easier to afford.

Outside, the house is on the Wallingford side of the lake, providing access to the Burke-Gilman Trail; and of course, the lake. In addition to the house, the slip accommodates a 15 foot boat. That may not be enough for an ocean crossing, but that's more than enough to have fun on Lake Union, or take a movie hint and motor over to Alki like Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle.

· 2401 N Northlake Wy Unit G5 [Estately]