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1957 Ralph Anderson Magnolina midcentury modern hits market for first time

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It's the first time in almost sixty years this place is available on the open market

Iconic Seattle architect Ralph Anderson designed a lot of homes across the region. Here's one more, a 3-BR, 1.75-bath midcentury modern in Magnolia that's on the open market for the first time since it was built in 1957. The asking price is $1,095,000.

As it is, the 3,230 square-foot home is like a time capsule to a specific time in Seattle and American architectural history. But then you step inside and realize it really does seem like a time capsule with furnishings and furniture right out of the era as well. In true Anderson style you've got an abundance of wood throughout, big ceilings, and huge windows that maximize the value of the view. There's also a beautiful stone fireplace that separates the living room and dining area. You'd usually expect to see hardwoods in on of his homes but they've opted for some very era-specific carpet instead.

Another Anderson aspect in play is the way the landscaping melds with the surrounding nature. He loved showing off Pacific Northwest vegetation and even here in an residential environment he was able to do so, especially out back where greenery forms a kind-of protective hillside.

Before he passed away in 2012, famed University of Washington rower Al Ulbrickson, Jr. called this place home. He won bronze medals at the 1952 Summer Olympics and worked at UW for a long time.
· 2901 25th Ave W [Windermere]
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