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Tiny Whidbey Island waterfront house with views asks $300K

Retro is easier when the cabin was built and equipped in 1966

Retro, tiny, views, waterfront, and $299,500 - believe it or not, it is possible to get all of those things in one property, as long as you're willing to live on Whidbey Island. Which will it be: retirement, vacation, working remotely, or a commute?

Retro is easier when the cabin was built and equipped in 1966. The listing gives that label to the oven and fridge, but either the appliances are new and made in a retro style, or they've been there for a long time but well taken care of. In either case, they look like they belong with white-washed walls and wood interior. It is a cabin, so the only sheetrock may be in the three-quarter bath.

As for tiny, the square footage is 528 square feet, the size of some Seattle condos; but this tiny 1 bedroom house is planted on a 0.67 acre lot. With that small of a house and that much land, there's plenty of living space outside. The deck helps, then a second deck extends beyond the covered space making it easier to gather around the firepit or grill.

Views are easier when the land is waterfront, in this case 130 feet of high-bank shoreline along Holmes Harbor. Expect eagles, osprey, heron, owls, and maybe an occasional whale exploring the area.

A few things to keep in mind. There are dues, $33 per month, which is less than many people spend on dinner. The photos show a second set of beds, which are probably set behind a curtained room divider. Either take that as an inspiration or an opportunity to use the space some other way.

Commuting, well, everyone's is different. Traffic and ferries allowing, a trip to downtown Seattle can take about an hour and twenty minutes. Or, maybe you'll decide there's no reason to go anywhere else.

· 3392 Harbor View Dr, Langley [Windermere]

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