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Portage Bay's floating A-Frame now available for $1.4 million

In a city full of unique floating homes, this one stands out

You see a lot of different floating home designs in and around Seattle. You don't see a lot of luxury A-Frames floating out there.

The 2-BR, 1,024 square-foot floating home at the very end of the dock at 2822 Boyer Avenue E is just that and it's on the market asking $1.395M (plus $300/month in HOAs).

The seller is Norman Turgeon, a high-end jewelry seller, and his home was profiled by the Seattle Times back in 2007.

The houseboat is compact with a boat-sized version of a great room downstairs (living and dining rooms, and kitchen). There is also a good-sized bath done in bird’s-eye maple and green slate, and a guest room. The top of the A-frame is reserved for his bedroom.

"When I bought the place it had white Formica, fuzzy stuff on the walls," Turgeon says. "I ripped out the floors and put in 12 skylights, all 4 feet by 4 feet. It’s never hot in here, and when you’re sitting in the living room there’s sky all around."

Indeed, the photos tell the story of a warm, almost rustic interior that looks bright and open. You'be hardpressed to find a spot where you don't have a nice view or sunlight swarming down. Walk the beautiful cherrywood floors, admire the custom cabinetry, and cozy up in front of the wood burning stove The patio out back gives you ownership of the best view on the dock.
· 2822 Boyer Ave E, 11 [Windermere]
· Single Space [ST]