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Seattle’s summer median rental prices, mapped

Downtown led the way with a median one-bedroom rent of $2,390

Seattle dropped back down to No. 10 on Zumper’s latest National Rent Study but that doesn’t mean rents went down. They measured the median one-bedroom rent at $1,770/month while the median two-bedroom rent checks in at $2,400/month.

That’s what they saw city-wide. But how does it look when you break it down by neighborhoods?

Per Zumper’s data, it was the Central Business District (a.k.a. Downtown) that led the way with a median one-bedroom rent of $2,390. The immediate Pike Place Market area ($2,220), Belltown ($2,110), and South Lake Union ($1,860) were up next to the surprise of no one.

Things were only slightly easier in First HIll ($1,850) and Capitol Hill ($1,850) while The Junction ($1,750) was the hottest area in West Seattle.

If you’re looking for something in more of a middle range ($1,300 - $1,500), look to Central District, North Queen Anne and the Briarcliff region of Magnolia.

Harrison-Denny Blaine has the lowest rent noted on the map but that sounds like more of a sample error than reality. That area can’t possibly offer cheaper rents on average than Beacon Hill or Mount Baker.

Of course, it should be noted the map does not include some very important North Seattle neighborhoods. We’re sure Ballard would be among the highest-ranking neighborhoods and we’d expect to see Phinney Ridge, Green Lake, Ravenna, and a few others give Central and West Seattle a run for their money.