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SolTerra's Esker would put a big grassy mixed-use complex in Capitol Hill

You won't be able to miss this grassy knoll if it's built

Last night, green developer SolTerra presented their plans for a mixed-use development at 1208 Pine Street in Capitol Hill to the design review board. If built, it will bring some serious greenery to the neighborhood.

Plans call for an eight-story, mixed-use complex that includes 72 residential units, 15,000 square-feet of ground level retail space, below-grade parking for 35 vehicles, storage for 25 bikes and rooftop restaurant/amenity space. There also appear to be plans for a ground floor "marketplace" of some kind.

Looking over the renderings, however, you can't help but focus on what the complex could look like over what might be in it.

Three proposed designs are included in the packet but all call for a series of "living wall terraces" that resemble a winding ridge of stratified green hills (which is exactly what Esker means).

Each of these terraces have been articulated around the range of the summer sunset azimuth so that each resident along this facade will maintain the incredible sunset views that often grace Seattle throughout the summer.

These terraces will feature large planters and be faced with both trellis and living walls to create a softened vegetated facade blurring the lines between what is natural hillside and what is architecture. This blend of the natural slope of the hillside evokes natural beauty and permanence and will help to mitigate the sound of traffic along the Interstate.

The environmentally-friendly building would include a green roof, solar panels, rainwater collection cistern, and rooftop garden designed as part of a "pollinator pathway." The project is also expected to meet LEED Platinum standards.
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