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Watch Colvos Passage from this $385K tiny Vashon waterfront home

This is the first time in generations to check out this cottage overlooking Colvos Passage

It stayed in a family for many generations, but evidently it's time to put this waterfront cottage on the market. Rare opportunities do occur. And sometimes they cost about $385,000.

The cottage was built in 1928 on the west side of Vashon Island overlooking Colvos Passage. That means quiet waterviews, sunsets, and maybe even glimpses of the Olympics. It is high-bank waterfront, so the only thing obscuring your view might be a tree or three. You get 70 feet of the shore, and maybe some beach. Check the tides and tidelands. A steep slope may mean you have to drive a few minutes to get to a beach, but is also means the neighborhood is probably quieter.

Inside, the cottage is mostly one large space, using most of the 650 square feet as uninterrupted living room, dining room, and kitchen; though you'll probably ignore distinctions because the view flowing in through so many windows will be distracting. There are two rooms walled off. The three-quarter bath naturally has its own space. They list the house as having 0 bedrooms, but a wall and a door suggest something like a real bedroom. Remarkably, the house doesn't look like was built almost ninety years ago. The appliances are new. The floors, walls, and ceiling all look modern enough. Maybe only a tour will show the signs of age.

Outside, the lot is more than the view and the shore. There is 0.8 acres of land, some of which has been cleared for lawn and garden, handy for those who like to mow and weed.

It's a long way to Seattle or Tacoma, about an hour or more to either. That garden can come in handy. So can the local fishing, clamming, and crabbing. Sit on the deck and watch the world go by at a natural pace. See if you can practice matching it.

· 23035 Raymond Rd SW, Vashon [Estately]