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West Seattle Tiny House on Wheels wants $39,500

Country Living magazine liked this tiny house on wheels when it was new

Another tiny house on wheels (a THOW) squeezes into Seattle's increasingly dense neighborhoods, this time in West Seattle. This one has a country style, lived-in features, and an asking price of $39,500. Not bad considering it went for $65,000 back in May 2015 when it was new.

That higher price tag makes more sense when you look at the fixtures and features. Because it is a 192 square foot THOW, it is able to include a bathroom, laundry, and double lofts (one for sleeping, one for storage) that don't fit as easily into the also common 128 square foot THOWs. That price also buys nice plumbing fixtures and a compact washer/dryer. As for decor, bright white wood walls with rustic brown stained wood trim provide the country feel. That may be one reason the house was originally featured in Country Living magazine.

Outside, the appearance is more of a mix of Craftsman and Colonial. The dormer, small porch, and blue and white paint scheme look more Craftsman. The columns supporting the porch roof give it a Colonial touch. Two old styles meet in a new trend.

Evidently, it was bought for one purpose, to act as a residence during another home's remodel. Now, that job's done, which is why it is ready to move on. Are you ready to move into a tiny space? One advantage of tiny houses on wheels, you can buy it and a property separately. Checking with the authorities about putting one on the other and then putting yourself inside, well, that's another issue.

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