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Pac-Man pavement maze gobbling up ghosts soon in Capitol Hill

SDOT will create the pavement mural as part of their Pavement to Parks initiative

If you've ever stood on the pavement island on Summit Avenue E between E Denny Way and E Olive Way, you've probably thought long and hard about ways to make it more exciting. Okay, maybe not, but that's not to say that someone else hasn't been thinking about it.

SDOT started it's Pavement to Parks program last year as a way to create new public spaces by reclaiming underused street space for pedestrian-oriented uses. You might know their work if you've seen the colorful sitting area at the intersection of University Street, E Union Street, and Boylston Avenue in First Hill or the painted mural on the ground at N 67th St and Phinney Avenue N in Phinney Ridge.

The next "pavement park" on the list? The aforementioned slab in Capitol Hill that is going to be turned into a Pac-Man maze.

As voted on by community members, the design features a classic Pac-Man maze design with the titular character gobbling up pellets and keeping an eye out for Pinky and Inky, two of the game's ghosts.

SDOT plans to create the pavement park sometime "this year." Want to see something similar in your Seattle neighborhood? Request it here.
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