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The five most affordable homes in Haller Lake right now

If you're looking to buy in Haller Lake you'd be best to start here

We collected the five most affordable houses in Haller Lake. Keep in mind that affordable is a relative term. We've seen pricier Seattle neighborhoods, but then again, we've seen cheaper.

About as mid-century as you can get, this 1951 brick rambler fits 3 bedrooms and 1 bath into 1,250 square feet. They're asking $319,950, which is less than half Seattle's median house price - and may be about half the median house size. Retro wasn't retro at the time, it was simply what was in style. From the brick fireplace to the wood kitchen cabinets to the pink (or is that lavender?) bathroom to the wood paneled basement, this house could be a set piece for Happy Days. The yard is 7,405 square feet and includes a large deck and a concrete pad that acts as a sports court. Renovate to preserve the era, or remodel to another style?

A 2004 contemporary craftsman (in which case it could be a contemporary craftswoman) townhouse is listed at $349,950. Because it is a townhouse there shouldn't be a surprise that stairs are involved. From the garage to the main floor to the top floor there are 983 square feet in total. That includes 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. Each floor can be a like a tiny house, at least in area. In style and features, its label of contemporary is apparent in kitchen appliances, furnishings, and light fixtures. Another contemporary feature is the lot size, 1520 square feet.

A 1950 two story rambler with 3 bedrooms and 1 bath has come on the market for $384,000. Those rooms all fit in 940 square feet thanks to putting the third bedroom into the second floor. It may be an addition. They recommend it for overnight guests. Check to see if there's any reason not to use it for more than a night or two in a row. The lot is 7,708 square feet with a fenced backyard and a covered patio. The stylish paint scheme, the french doors in the dining room, and various other features suggest owners who found a balance between new and old.

Another 1950 house, this one with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths; which means there are enough bathrooms that the master bedroom finally becomes a suite. The listing price for the 1,200 square foot home is $477,965, which includes the 6,594 square foot lot. While some of the decorations are mid-century, they probably aren't original - and that can be a good thing. A skylight in the kitchen, and two sets of french doors probably weren't original either. A house that is evolving with the years and the styles.

Such a nice round number, $500,000, for the fifth of the five. That little bit extra gets you 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and 1,780 square feet. It's a two story from 1990; so there shouldn't be too much of a surprise that it has stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. Outside, there's a 7,201 square foot lot with a basketball hoop, fenced yard, and a wide driveway for the two car garage. Of course, maybe it's that wide to give the basketball games some more space.
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