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Seattle installing hundreds of electric car charging stations

Next year, Seattle City Light will launch a pilot program to help make electric car ownership easier

As many look to electric cars to be the future of automobile transportation. Here in Seattle, the city is about to take a step forward in trying to make it easier for drivers to invest in them.

Next year, Seattle City Light will launch a pilot program that includes installing charging stations for electric cars in a few hundred homes as well as setting up 20 fast-charging stations around Seattle free of charge.

These stations will allow someone to charge their vehicle as quickly as thirty minutes.

This new initiative is on top of The Drive Clean Seattle electrification initiative, which was enacted earlier this year cut carbon emissions and pollution from transit as well as encourage electric car ownership.

As of June, plug-in hybrids and electric cars represent only roughly one percent of U.S. automobile sales. As of February 2015, there were 6,856 electric vehicles registered in King County and 12,351 across Washington. Considered one of the best places to own an electric car, Washington has a goal of 50,000 electric vehicles in circulation by 2020.