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Tiny Cape Cod lists on Beacon Hill for $285K

Built Green? Maybe not, but this tiny Cape Cod from 1949 was painted that way

Be green, or at least live in a green house. A tiny Cape Cod house has come on the market at the relatively tiny price of $285,000 considering Seattle's median that is closer to $666,000. The house is a 1949 2 bedroom, 1 bath that has 780 square feet; which also means the price per square foot is $365, another relative measure. Put the numbers aside and see what's inside.

Hardwood floors shine up nicely after they've been refinished. The interior was remodeled, which may be when the floors were brought back to something closer to new. Each of the rooms are decorated well with a variety of paint schemes and draperies. The red bathroom will help you wake up, or startle you the morning after a good party. Tiny houses fill space efficiently, which in this case puts the laundry in the kitchen - handy when you've got a lot of tableclothes and napkins to wash.

Outside is a 6,098 square foot lot that has room for a detached garage. A breezeway leads to it from the house, and also provides a covered sitting area. With a grill on the concrete pad there's effectively an outdoor kitchen. A bit of gardening and fresh veggies can hit the grill before they've lost any flavor. Check for dirt, though.

The neighborhood doesn't have the best Walk Score, 67, but that may be good enough to shorten the walk for someone who doesn't mind shopping without parking, or to catch a bus or Light Rail for a commute.

· 8411 Renton Ave S [Windemere]