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The Hawks Nest townhomes could be 12th Man homebase in North Beacon Hill

Between the name, the colors scheme, and the location, this upcoming townhome project could be the perfect Seahawks fan home

The Hawks Nest sounds like it should be the name of a Seattle Seahawks-named bar (which, it is). That’s a surefire way to make sure 12th Men and Women chose their establishment over others. That kind of thinking might also be behind the planned six-townhouse project at 1539 14th Avenue S, which also has been named The Hawks Nest and sports some rather fan-friendly colors.

Lemons Architecture will be presenting their plans for the complex to the design review board on Friday, July 29. Those plans call for six four-level townhomes with three parking spaces in-between. The single-family home on the lot will be demolished.

The bright green color scheme, coupled with the name and the proximity to CenturyLink Field (10 minute drive) make it a pretty sweet spot for Seahawks fans looking for an upscale living option that also speaks to their die-hard nature.

The homes themselves all lay out slightly differently but include roughly 1,000-1,100 square-feet of living space and a 320-378 square-foot rooftop deck as well. All units appear to be 1-BRs.

So if you think about it, if two people move into all six townhomes, you’ll end up with 12 people. 12 men or women. The 12th Men or Women.

They’ve thought of everything...

CenturyLink Field

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