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Big Reveal: $780K for Northwest A-Frame in Bellevue

But does that price sound right to you?

Yesterday we asked you to guess the asking price for this 4-BR, 3-bath large A-Frame home in Bellevue's Eastgate community. Bigger than your average cabin and more unique that your usual home, this place clocks in with an asking price of...$779K.

Most A-Frames we come across are pretty small by nature. It's a giant A, you know? But this one extends the design into a much bigger space and throws some Northwest flair all over itself to become something different. It's like an A-Frame with another A-Frame nestled within. You gotta love the stone fireplace that immediately makes any room 75 percent more cozy-looking. The rustic kitchen and wood beam ceilings keep you connected to the natural surroundings. Pretty simple design upstairs though everyone will want the bedroom with the huge triangular ceiling. There's also enough space for a movie theater with cushy chairs as well as a hot tub outside.

So now that you know, do you think the price is right?
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· 16135 SE Newport Wy, Bellevue [Estately]