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Quaint Carnation country estate list for $950K

Of course you want room for 80 guests and your horses, or at least someone will for this 1920 estate in Carnatio

This 1920 estate was probably built as a farm, it definitely has the rural character, but one of the outbuildings is now an event space that holds dozens. The bonus: you don't have to drive to the event, your guests come to you.

In Carnation is a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2,800 square foot house on 3.33 acres. Whether you want it as a retreat, a farm, a ranch, a party place, or some mix of those, you'll get a place with true country character where the outbuildings are as important as the house.

The house interior is rural refined. Go back a hundred years and evidently they skipped vaulted ceilings and any ostentation, but skillfully used hardwood floors, broad windows, and nicely-painted walls to create a pleasant and relaxed place to live. Updates are evident, of course, but it maintains the kind of spaces you might expect from a well-maintained working household.

The event space is spacious, only interrupted by a few support beams. They suggest a home enterprise, but you might just want enough room for big projects, a dance space, or an artist studio. A separate building is a guest house, which could also work as an office or living space for another generation of the family.

Outside, the acreage is in use as garden, orchard, and vineyard; and it decorated with a pond, fountain, and gazebo. You get the blend of practical and playful. Thanks to fencing and a gated entry, you can keep the livestock in or the world out.

Something more might need to be revealed. The property has been on and off the market for over a year and has dropped to below a million, at $950,000. Does it take a unique buyer that has yet to arrive, or will a tour reveal something that doesn't show up in the photos? Maybe you'll find out.

· 32305 NE 8th St, Carnation [Windermere]