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The Five Cheapest Condos in Downtown Seattle Right Now

We searched for the five most affordable condos in the heart of Seattle

If you live in downtown Seattle there's no ambiguity about being urban. So if you're looking for a place in the middle of all that action, here's the five most affordable options available right now...

Welcome to tiny house living within the walls of a condo. At 419 square feet, there's enough room for a studio layout, nearly everything in one room except for the kitchen and bath. The unit was built in 1994 as part of a 27 story tower that an arch of blue windows and ribs of balconies. They're asking $334,000, which is far below the median house price for much of Seattle. That could be a deal considering that it comes with 24 hour concierge services and various amenities. And, if you need anything else, the city probably has it.

Step the price up to $449,000 and you get a full 1 bedroom, 1 bath condo with 606 square feet. Still tiny by many standards, but at least you can close the door to the bedroom. The choice of cabinetry and paint make for a modern and colorful combination that may be improved by some impressive staging. The building is just over ten years old, built in 2005. Having a movie theater onsite means one fewer reason for venturing out into the city; because, there will be days when staying in is easier than going out.

Book lovers, note this one. From this $559,000 (plus $779 per month) condo you have a view across the street to the city's version of the Library of Alexandria: the Seattle Public Library. Sure, the condo is bigger than the others with its 979 square feet, which includes 1 bedroom and 2 baths (not 2 bedrooms and 1 bath?). Yes, the 2008 building has a pet area; but, no one will have a library in their mansion that will match what you will have simply by crossing the road. Practice seeing a tilted lattice of windows out your window.

If you're more of a foodie, then living within a block of Pike Place Market is like having the ultimate pantry without paying for the square closet footage or shopping to stock it. The 1989 building is only 7 stories tall, so you won't even have to take long to get downstairs. How much fresher do you want your food? The asking price for the condo is $619,000, which has 1 bedroom, 1.1 baths, and 924 square feet of living space. It was remodeled this year. Maybe that means new appliances that need and want to be broken in.

Another condo for bibliophiles (if you have to look it up, you probably aren't one.) For this unit, the listing price is $725,000. Again, it has 1 bedroom and 2 baths; but in a much larger unit, 1,241 square feet. The monthly fees are higher, $974 per month. For some, space is the ultimate luxury - though, living next to an immense library can be pretty sweet, too. Being able to see the Sound, well, that's a nice bonus.
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