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'Real World' filming underway in Capitol Hill as businesses split on access

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The Real World returns to Seattle but some Capitol Hill businesses won't be rolling out the red carpet

Capitol Hill is already having a tough time finding its idenity, stuck between blue-collar and artistic roots and its gentrified, luxury condo future. The arrival of the latest Real World cast feels like a cultural death-knell in the idea of old Capitol Hill for many, and those who also owns businesses in the neighborhood are pushing back the only way they can: Access, or the lack thereof.

Per Capitol Hill Seattle, MTV is asking businesses to sign to sign filming agreements before castmembers can enter their premises or interact with them. While the chance at national publicity might seem like an easy call, businesses like Eltana, Juicebox, and Northwest Liquor and Wine think the easy call is actually to say no to signing the agreement.

"Even if it was fair we would not do it," said [Eltana owner Stephen] Brown, describing the show as dumb, unpopular, disruptive, and off-brand. Eltana has no current plans to ban participants, however. Brown said Eltana "will let anyone in who is a customer and not disruptive."

CHS got their hands on the agreement, which includes a section that allows the show to refer to the business however it chooses. "Producer shall have the right to refer to the Property by its actual name or any fictitious name, and the right to attribute actual or fictitious events as occurring on the Property, and the right to replicate the Property and use such replication in Producer’s sole discretion." There is also no financial compensation nor guarantee for airtime if the business signs the contract.

Many area businesses are participating fully as well. The Real World cast has so far been spotted at or invited to Bullitt Center and Captain Black's, not to mention other places where the filming agreement may or may not have been signed.

Ultimately the concern of many locals is that the show, which has a reputation for highlighting debauchery, nightlife, and booze, will accentuate those aspects of the neighborhood over the community and cultural aspects that make Capitol Hill so unique (try as they might). Chances are, MTV is gonna do what MTV is gonna do.
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