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$619K Bainbridge beach cabin includes waterfront and waterback

Waterfront is great. Having waterback is a bonus. So is the opportunity to buy not one but two tiny beach cabins on Bainbridge Island

Waterfront is great. Having waterback is a bonus. A tiny beach cabin on Hedley Spit and Point Monroe has 50 feet of beach bordering the Sound and 50 feet more bordering a lagoon. It isn't the last house on the spit, so don't be surprised to find that a road runs through it.

The 632 square foot cabin was built in 1967; but rather than looking weathered and worn it looks fresh and ready. It's impressive what a steel roof and some fresh paint can do, and must do by the sea. The house is a modest two story with the master upstairs. It's listed as a 1 bedroom, 1.5 bath; but it can accommodate guests or kids downstairs if they don't mind sleeping on something that isn't quite a bed. At least they have the better access for midnight snacks.

Many cabins use ladders, but this tiny house managed to fit in a spiral stair; making it a bit unconventional. The timber construction reinforces the use of wood for floors, walls, and ceilings - a better choice than carpeting for a house surrounded by sand and saltwater. Marble is used in the master shower. In the kitchen, white wood cabinetry fits the style; but the views are probably more distracting - unless you're the one cooking.

Outside, the 50 feet of soundfront and 50 feet of lagoonfront border the 6,098 square foot lot. From one side, dive into the sound, or sit there and watch the sun set behind the Olympics. From the other side, play in the protected lagoon. With that much of an opportunity for crabbing and clamming, and probably fishing, you might want to have an outdoor kitchen, or at least a grill and a burner big enough for big boiling pots of water.

They've listed the house at $619,000. If that isn't enough room, and you have some money left over, they're also selling the neighboring 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 758 square foot house for $629,000. Where else can you find a 1,390 square foot house with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and at least a hundred feet of waterfront for $1,248,000? But, that's another story.

· 15747 Point Monroe Dr NE, Bainbridge Island [Estately]