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Business-like modern home in Kirkland asks $2.6M

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A house in Houghton has more in common with modern offices than old houses, and that can be a good thing

Is 2015 modern enough for you? That's when this 3,670 square foot modern home was built in Houghton. The style has more in common with modern office buildings than conventional houses, which is a compliment considering the thought and design work that goes into today's business environments. If you live a modern lifestyle, why not live in a modern house? All you need is $2,595,000 to buy into the experience.

Concrete below and wood above define this 4 bedroom, 4 bath house. It may look like a series of stacked cubes, but that's an efficient and simple design. Use a flat roof and get as much height as needed to pull in the longer view without sacrificing some to fit in a peaked roof. Surround it with concrete beds and gardening gets structure; and some convenient boundaries to contain the more ambitious plants.

Inside, life is softer. The library, piano room, and bedrooms have a more organic appeal; though part of that is from the choice of furnishings. The kitchen is centrally-located, and more open than you might expect in a 3,000+ square foot house. The baths mix modern and natural materials, no claw foot tub, but a tall, standing porcelain pedestal beside a glass-enclosed shower.

The outside is a series of gardens, patios, walks, and drives that fit into the 8,926 square foot lot. Whether covered or uncovered, there are places to relax and entertain amidst the manicured landscaping (which looks best to leave to the professionals) and the view across Lake Washington (which manages itself as long as no one or no cloud blocks the sight lines.)

This may not be the house for the cottage and bungalow set, but it looks about right for someone who made their millions in the orderly online world.
· 10420 NE 55th St, Kirkland [Zillow]