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It's about time tiny houseboat 'It's About Time' listed for $350K

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A 480 square-foot houseboat checks off multiple boxes on the Seattle housing story BIngo card

While built in 1998, it looks like houseboat builder Haggard Houseboats came in and did a number on this tiny home, getting it all gussied up. It's about time. No, we mean, that's the name of the houseboat; It's About Time. It's also listed for just $350K.

At just 480 feet, this place fulfills two quotas for the types of homes we love around here. Tiny homes and houseboats. It's not some aging, rusted out hull, however. This place has been redone and refurbished with some really nice touches. Clear cedar, ash wood floors and curved high-beamed ceilings make the living area while the kitchen features a propane range, new counters, and special fluorescent lights for when you want to change the mood. The three-quarter bathroom's snug but has modern features and the built-in bed comes with drawers and storage underneath.

The location puts you right in the heart of Westlake and makes it very easy to get to South Lake Union or Fremont, depending on which direction you're going. Wherever you're going, at this price you better hurry up and get there. No way this remains floating on the market for very long.
· 1900 Westlake Ave N Unit 8 [Estately]