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Gorgeous Friday Harbor floating home lists for $550K

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A tiny home in Friday Harbor is possible for $550,000, which is less than the median house price in Seattle

Take a tiny home, make it float, and moor it in Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands; how much more Pacific Northwest-y do you want to get?

Let's say you want to escape to the islands often enough that you want a place there. That's popular. The tricky part is taking care of the property (or paying someone else to do the work.) A floating home takes work, too; but at least you don't have to worry about the lawn (though mowing the sea weed is a good idea). With this 650 square foot floating home in Friday Harbor, you can have the houseboat life, a lot fewer weeds, and it's all within a walk from the ferry. Better yet, sail up on your own schedule. It's possible for $550,000, which is less than the median house price in Seattle.

It's the islands, so don't be surprised by innovation and creativity. In addition to being a 1 bedroom, 1 bath house, there's also a library, a solarium, enough windows to create a mini-hothouse, and an atrium that connects the living spaces. The kitchen looks to be fully equipped, and nicely, nautically built with wood cabinetry and a skinny island. A jetted tub fits in, and includes a shower so you have your choice of practical or indulgent. The style is ship-like with a ceiling that could have been inspired by an inverted boat hull.

Outside, a wrap-around deck provides places for plants and people. You can sit there and marvel at the tourists arriving by ferry. The house comes with moorage for a tender (check for size limits), and is near a 40 foot slip that is available (check the price on that.) The ship theme continues into the angled windows that may be there for improving the view and using the space, but they look like they're bracing for an epic voyage through stormy waters.

Flip through the photos and see the efficiency of the spaces that's necessary in boats and tiny houses. They even fit in a few monitors - and, we get it, the seller's a fan of Universal; or at least doesn't work for MGM.
· 620 Warbass Way, San Juan Island [Windermere]