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Climb the treehouse on this $2.2M Devon Hughes estate

For someone with kids, neither the expansive 2011 custom house nor the barn that looks much older will be as memorable as the two-story treehouse

The main reason someone will buy this property may be because they appreciate the work done by Devon Hughes, or the expansive 5,540 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 4 baths; but the memorable part for people with a sense of play will probably be the old-style barn and the two story treehouse. Remember how to play?

The treehouse looks to be supported by two massive cedars. Climb up the ladder and introduce yourself to the neighbors, the squirrels and chipmunks. Who says treehouses are just for kids? It may just be the retreat you need after yet another day of commuting and working.

If someone purposely built the barn to be in the style of a hundred years ago, congratulate them because it certainly looks that way. From the outside, it has the classic gambrel roof that provides more volume for the upper floors. From the inside, it looks so clean it could've been built so recently that you can still smell the sawdust.

The main reason for the $2,150,000 list price is the house, a decidedly modern version of a country house. The kitchen, pantry, and mud room are much larger than normal; but it is the laundry that is large enough to include a computer station that suggests this house was designed for more practical matters. Of course, there are formal living and dining spaces. Marble around the tub and shower is used for a bit of luxury.

It looks like an estate. While the property is 1.2 acres, it isn't the farm or ranch that some of the features suggest. Check the heritage, though. Maybe it does reach back to a time when pastures were more popular than lawns.
· 16214 NE 165th St, Woodinville [Windermere]