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$20K Tiny house on wheels on Whidbey Island ready to roll

A 330 square foot tiny on wheels isn't very tiny, but it provides lots of options. Just make sure it fits on the highway, onto your space, and into your lifestyle.

A handy thing about tiny houses on wheels, the neighborhood you find them in is only an issue once. This 330 square foot tiny sits in a park in Oak Harbor. They're asking $19,500, which includes shipping, or trailering - assuming you have its next neighborhood ready for its arrival.

Instead of a peaked roof, this tiny has a shed roof. Easier to build, hopefully less likely to leak. The bedroom is in the loft, which is a common choice. The bedroom looks tall enough that you may want to check the total height for highway clearance. It looks like there's a second loft, which is being used for storage. Downsize enough and maybe it can be a short library. If you need more sleeping space, take their example by using a futon couch downstairs.

As for conveniences, the major concessions in a Tiny are frequently the kitchen and bath. There is a counter, sink, and refrigerator, and a mention of an induction unit; but you may have to provide your own oven (toaster oven?) or cooktop if you can fit it in. This is a larger tiny than most, so maybe that works. The bath is a full three-quarter bath with shower and a flush toilet. Properly plumbed and one of life's major necessities and luxuries can be provided indoors.

Within the world of tiny houses, one this large for under $20,000 means opportunities to use as-is or remodel to fit your style. Just make sure it fits on the highway and onto your lot, first.

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