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The five "cheapest" homes for sale in Laurelhurst right now

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Of course, "affordable" is a relative term in a neighborhood like this

Cheap is a relative term, especially in some Seattle neighborhoods. Laurelhurst is one of them. If you can afford to buy a home for a million dollars, that's probably not going to be enough, especially once you factor in taxes, fees, and the rest. Still, if you can afford to go higher, we've found some "cheap" options for you.

It started life as, something, in 1928; but a massive remodel in 1963 turned this house into a 6 bedroom, 4 bathroom Northwest Contemporary. Maybe they left a part of the foundation untouched. The mid-century exhibit is now a 4,220 square foot slice of the Kennedy era, with upgrades of course. An apartment, a library, and a workshop expand the space beyond beds and baths. They're asking $1,198,000; and close the listing description with an interesting side note about rolling up your sleeves and calling your architect. Maybe there's a clause that requires a major remodel every half-century or so.

Remodeled in 1999, this house's 1947 origins are probably hidden as well. Now, it looks like a much more modern building. An aerial view suggests there are solar panels on the roof, a very modern item in deed. Inside, it is a 6 bedroom, 4 bath, 4,210 square foot house with views of the lake and the mountains. It all fits on a 5,201 square foot lot that slopes away and minimizes the chance of visual obstructions. At $1,750,000, you get to enjoy that view, or relax on a garden patio because there isn't much lawn to mow.

If you're going to have a manicured lawn, manicure it a bit more, poke a hole in it, and call it a putting green. This 1938 Colonial still looks like a Colonial. That's a welcome change. It, too was renovated, back in 2001. Many 5 bedroom homes look like a master with 4 guest bedrooms, but these bedrooms were playfully painted and decorated for the younger members of the family. There are 4 bathrooms, so there may be some sharing. Only one row of houses separate this 5,000 square foot property from the water. Now, all they need is to separate $1,848,000 from a buyer.

Here's a 1929 brick Tudor which had its heritage preserved by a renovation rather than a remodel. Get inside and find arches between rooms and period fixtures; as well as lighting, a bathroom, and a kitchen that would've been impossible back then. The house houses 4 bedrooms and 4 baths in 3,770 square feet. The 4,399 square foot lot is farther back from the water than most houses, but a broad patio can be a good enough location for parties. Old world (by Seattle standards) charm for the very modern price of $1,895,000.

The oldest of the five (built in 1921) is also the most expensive of the five ($2,325,000), though certainly not the most expensive in the neighborhood. The 4 bedroom, 3 bath Craftsman has 3,650 square feet inside and sits on a larger than the others, 9,872 square foot lot. It's character remains. The fireplaces are from an era when they weren't just for ambiance. Top floor rooms have angled ceilings where they used every space an efficiently as possible. It is a house built for families, with two ovens and two dishwashers. One innovation that is probably a typo is the laundry shoot between the children's bathroom and the laundry. Shooting dirty clothes around the house sounds like fun, but it's probably a more boring laundry chute. Take a tour to make sure.
· 5010 NE 52nd St [Zillow]
· 4543 52nd Ave NE [Zillow]
· 4311 55th Ave NE [Zillow]
· 4712 NE 40th St [Zillow]
· 3504 W Laurelhurst Dr NE [Zillow]