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There's an 'Island Otter' floating in the Fremont Cut

At $399K, this qualifies for affordable when it comes to Seattle floating homes

One of the best parts of discovering new floating homes on the market is finding out what they've been named. We've met Blue Bobbin, The TAO, Saranda, It's About Time, and El Niño to name a few.

Now meet Island Otter, which is available for $399K.

The 651 square-foot houseboat is docked out of Queen Anne's Nickerson Marina on the northern edge of the Fremont Cut. So, the view isn't the greatest you could ask for with a floating home in Seattle, but you gotta start somewhere.

Inside, the living quarters are not ostentatious but also look well-maintained and offer an opportunity to live in style even if you're not street-level. The purple cushions on galley seating make for an upscale houseboat couch. The kitchen area is big enough and offers all the essentials. Cherry wood lines the floors throughout and there's even a wall fireplace right at the base of the ladder.

The bathroom has a shower and a tub, so long as you don't mind maneuvering yourself into the snug-fitting bath. Plenty of light in the bedroom, always a concern with tight living quarters like these. Outside, you'll find a nice-size patio space for relaxing in the sun as well as room enough for plants and kayak storage space.

Now it's up to you to decide if you oughta invest in this Otter.
· 1080 W Ewing Place Unit W-13 [Estately]