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What $2,000 rents you right now around Seattle

It's a battle of 1-BR apartments in prime locations

Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, where we scour Seattle's rental listings to see what your monthly budget will get you across the city. Today we decided to take a look at $2,000/month around the city. You tell us which lease you'd sign.

We begin in South Lake Union where Radius SLU has a 529 square-foot 1-BR for $1,990/month. That sure seems like a lot for a small one-bedroom but such is living in South Lake Union these days. The unit comes with a full-size stackable washer/dryer, 9-foot ceilings, and custom organized closets with walk-in. You're also in prime location for taking advantage of the neighborhood's restaurants, bars, and other walkable amenities.

Next up we head to Belltown where Marq211 is offering a 618 sqaure-foot 1-BR for $1,999/month. Pretty standard apartment setup, though it doesn't look like you get much of a view. But if you want to be in the heart of Belltown and close to Downtown, you've found yourself a solid starting point.

In First Hill, VIVA is offering a 696 square-foot 1-BR for $2,020/month. It's a little unclear what the specifics of the unit look like but the examples they showcase do let us know that some of the setups aren't the cookie cutter living spaces we're used to. The whole building is going for a bit of an avant garde modern look, so it's probably looking for upscale renters as well. Another one where the location is as much of an appeal as the place itself.

Now we go to Ballard where Odin Apartments is offering a 575-square-foot 1-BR for $2,002/month. The unit is small and walks that line between 1-BR and Open 1-BR but it's bright and modern. The theme this week seems to be places that might not be the biggest but put you in prime location and this one is no different. Nice building and great location could trump any concerns about unit size.

Finally we end up in Capitol Hill where Broadstone Infinity has a 694 square-foot 1-BR available for $2,015/month. This unit seems like a mixture, with wood floors and bright living spaces coupled with more traditional bedroom looks. As with the rest, the location might be the key, as you're a couple blocks from Cal Anderson and close to just about everything in Capitol Hill.

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