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Tiny Whidbey cabin comes with treehouse & sunset views

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A tiny house, a big lot, westward views - if that's not enough to get your attention, then maybe you'll be interested in the tree house

Here's an uncommon combination: Lots of land (3.11 acres) and a tiny house (540 square feet). For some, that's an attractive opportunity - as long as the price of $449,000 is also affordable. There are good reasons for a price per square foot of $831.

Location, do we have to repeat it? The acreage and the bluff provide a view across the Sound for sunsets, watching shipping traffic, and the commutes of heron, eagles, and whales. The house is set close enough to the edge to clear the sightlines. It isn't a surprise that there's a large deck for sitting in the panoramic setting.

The tiny house was built in 1989, before tinies were trendy. Someone was a trendsetter. It has a classic style with a set of peaked metal roofs and wood siding, a somewhat modern cabin. Inside, the design is simple: big, long windows facing the water; a long, skinny open ground floor; and 2 bedrooms upstairs. Well, not so much upstairs but up-ladder-ish.

They use the word 'rustic' in the listing, which may apply to the styling though there are far more rustic properties on the market. Rustic may apply to the fact the house is "now serviced by an out house." That raises the moot question of what it was serviced by before. That all may be history, though, because a two-bedroom septic has been installed. Check to see if it's been hooked up.

Your cars can be treated well in the not-so-rustic garage that may have storage as well.

All the talk of out houses and out buildings aren't going to start as many conversations as the tree house that sits beside the drive amidst natural forest and ferns. When the weather obscures the views it might be a fun sanctuary to share, as long as the kids let you climb up, too.

· 3024 Sea Eagle Ln [Windermere]