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Kirkland midcentury modern by Anker Molver lists for $1.3M

One of the regions top midcentury architects designed this view home in 1962

A graduate of the University of Washington, Anker Molver stood out amongst his peers as one of the midcentury's top architects in the Seattle area. Many of his richly-textured designs have stood the test of time and that includes this 3-BR, 2-75-bath midcentury modern in Kirkland that recently listed for $1.3 million.

Molver loved many of the things so many midcentury architects enjoyed inserting into their homes. Vaulted ceilings, extensive woodwork, and big windows that drink in exquisite views. All of those things are present here. The connection to nature is very evident thanks to a stone pathway floor in the kitchen and tall windows in just about every room.

Of course, the midcentury also gave us some very interesting carpet and the bright blue stuff remains in the living room as a reminder that not everything from that era was about being natural. Also, is that typewriter in the office and an old television with bunny-ear antenna in the TV room? How long has it been since you guys updated?

Out back, the expansive decks take full advantage of the surroundings, working their way around trees and melding into the natural habitat. Stone benches and long wooden pathways almost make it feel like a public park and not your own personal backyard.
· 6625 NE 132nd Street, Kirkland [Windermere]
· Molver, Anker I. [WEWA]