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$149K tiny Tacoma craftsman include efficient upgrades

A tiny house on a tiny lot in Tacoma can mean having lots of spare change and lots of spare time

Someone could put 20% down on a $750,000 house (the median value for houses around Seattle), or they could buy this $149,500 house and have $500 leftover (except for pesky fees, taxes, and such). The trade-off is simple, you have to live in Tacoma in a tiny house. For someone, that's going to be an easy choice.

Sure, it's only a 1 bedroom, 1 bath house with only 558 square feet; but that also means not having to clean, fill, fix, or maintain anything bigger. The house was built in 1910, so it has longevity and history; and was recently updated with new appliances. It has a classic Craftsman style from when the style was invented. Some time back there it was a trend-setter. Now as a tiny house, it's part of a trend again.

The wood siding topped with cedar shakes, the porch just big enough for a bench, and the exposed roof supports provide just visual appeal without going too far. That style is mimicked in the garage and hinted at in the shed.

Inside, there's a vaulted ceiling and a ladder that leads to a loft. Check to see if the loft is the only bedroom, or a bonus room. The most notable updates are in the kitchen, as usual. Appliances wear out and technology advances. No other room sees as many changes.

Outside, the maintenance of the 3,700 square foot lot is going to be low. Much of it is covered in pavement, gravel, or beauty bark. There is a patch of lawn out front, as a green setting to wrap around the porch. As for growing anything besides grass, there are a few plants, and one very nice pine. Weeding doesn't get much easier.

Let's see: probably little or no need for maintenance, possibly little or no mortgage - saving time and money can sound very sweet. Besides, there are jobs in Tacoma, too. For this property you might only need to be an artist, or a barista, or an artistic barista.

· 3737 E K St, Tacoma [Estately]