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Grow your deams with this $277K Cabin on Lummi Island

Life on Lummi Island has its own rules. Good luck deciding what to call this tiny house on a big lot

Life on the islands operates by its own rules. That goes for housing styles, too. You know a place is unconventional when it doesn't fit into the convenient niche of Craftsman, Cape Cod, or Colonial. The listing calls it a cabin. Okay. We'll call it a tiny house, because that's what it is. For $277,000 you get to call it what you want.

For most people, 536 square feet is tiny; and it can be just enough. This tiny on Lummi Island has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a basic kitchen, and no pretension. Its style comes from its practicality and comfort. Let someone else slap a label on that. Maybe it will start a trend.

It was built in 1990, and is aging without looking aged. The bathroom has a mix of tile, wood, and fixtures that are appealing anywhere, no concession to tiny spaces. The kitchen has an impressive stove that looks like it includes a double oven big enough for feasts or processing large harvests. About the only training required will be navigating the steep ladder staircase to the loft bedroom.

Harvesting may be the key. The property is about 4.75 acres, already has two gardens, at least one of which is guarded against deer, and has hops in production. They're emphasizing native plants and permaculture, which is a natural considering how pristine the islands are compared to the mainland. Localvores will probably appreciate your efforts - though you'll have to arrange for shipping if you're distributing anything off the island.

The property also comes with a second building that looks like either a garden shed or a studio. If that was an ADU in Seattle it would have a chance of listing at the price of the entire property.

If you or your guests want to get even more basic, there is a tent platform set into the fern forest. Just another way to get closer to nature. Dream on.

· 1742 S Nugent Rd, Lummi Island [Estately]