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$3.4M Georgian Colonial is quintessentially Broadmoor

How much more Broadmoor can you be? None. None more Broadmoor.

If you were asking someone what the houses in Broadmoor are like, you could probably just point them in the direction of 2030 Parkside Drive E and say, "That." The 1941 Georgian Colonial that resides there is now available, too, asking $3.395M.

Located on a double lot just across the street from Broadmoor Golf Club, this 5,410 square-foot 5-BR is available for the first time since 1986. Across the finely-manicured lawn you'll walk a brick pathway towards the mature holly hedge and eventually enter the stately home. Inside, you'll find the kind of old-world drawing room and sitting room setup you usually only find in Broadmoor or Shoreline. Each room has it's own distinct sensibility, either due to bright paints or coordinated furniture. Sometimes because of both.

Upstairs, rooms are big and evoke a classic rustic taste mixed with luxury from another era. The master bath alone might be as big as some of the downstairs rooms.

Out back, a huge landscaped yard is perfect for outdoor get-togethers. If you wanted to add a pool and complete the Broadmoor image, there's plenty of room for that as well. Come to think of it, there's plenty of room for just about anything.
· 2030 Parkside Drive E [Estately]