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Meet the three tiny homes of Las Casitas by Lake Joy

If a tiny house is too small, buy three and see if that works

Why by one house when you can buy three, three tiny houses, that is. Las Casitas is on the market for the first time since it (they?) were built in 1994.

Rather than put 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths into the same 1,580 square feet, they spread out across three buildings. That way each one gets its own bit of style, all bracket a courtyard to create a sense of place, and snorers can only bother one house at a time. Surely, peace and quiet at night is worth $695,000.

The distribution of the square footage is worth investigating because one of the houses seems more than big enough thanks to great open spaces indoors. An expansive living room is large enough to include a very tall, shallow library - one of the best reasons to have ladders indoors. A spiral staircase leads to a loft bedroom perched over the dining area. Snore there, and everyone at breakfast will know about it. The long curtains surrounding the bed provide some privacy and maybe a bit of romance. Thanks to some nice tile work and glass blocks, the courtyard bathroom is equally impressive.

The complex sits on 0.58 acres of Lake Joy waterfront, a place to play that hopefully lives up to its name. The property also includes a meditation path that leads you back to the courtyard where there's a waterfall and a creek.

As a package, the three houses define a style that must have been just right for someone because it hasn't changed ownership in 22 years. Move in, invite some guests, and give them their own houses for the night.

· 10627 E Lake Joy Dr NE, Carnation [Windermere]