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Naked Donald Trump hanging out in Capitol Hill today

And when we say hanging out, we mean it

Donald Trump can trace the history of his family’s fortunes back to Seattle so it makes sense that he’d show up back in town one day. We don’t think anyone expected to see the gold-hued Presidential candidate quite like this, however.

A statue of Trump has been erected (sorry) on the corner of 11th Avenue and Pike Street and the figure seems to be lacking one pertinent detail: clothing. The fully-nude Trump is showing off all of his “accolades,” though he’s noticeably missing two anatomical features you might expect to see. As a way of explaining the lack of said features, a plaque in-between his feet simply reads, "The emperor has no balls."

Anarchist art collective INDECLINE has taken full credit for the statue and, per The Washington Post, similar ones were also placed in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Cleveland.

Suggesting Trump is more of a (potential) ruler than a revolutionary, the statues also poke fun at the authoritarian tendency to erect large monuments in one’s likeness.

“Like it or not, Trump is a larger-than-life figure in world culture at the moment,” said the spokesman, who discussed the project with The Washington Post on the condition of anonymity. “Looking back in history, that’s how those figures were memorialized and idolized in their time — with statues.”

Just in case you don’t want to see what you can’t unsee, this is your last chance...


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