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Port Townsend's Victorian Chanticleer Inn lists for $650K

Romantic, steampunks, or prospective Victorian inn keepers should check out Port Townsend's Chanticleer Inn

Take your pick: you can either live like a Victorian, run a small B&B, or both - or just enjoy modern living in Port Townsend's historic Chanticleer Inn. Step one, consider offering their listing price of $650,000.

This 3 bedroom, 3.25 bath, 2,896 square foot Victorian was built back when there was still some debate about which Puget Sound city would win by attracting the most people. Turns out, it wasn't Port Townsend. That's been a good thing in some ways, because there are plenty of preserved historic houses and buildings that have acted as hotels, inns, B&Bs, and mini-estates.

Probably because it was run as a business for a while, the interior has been gracefully painted with a variety of subtle colors, enough to celebrate the space without becoming a distraction. A sun room is available for winter days. The kitchen has been proven over the decades, and looks playful with the checkerboard floor. Wainscoting is a reminder of the past. Modern appliances make life easy today.

Gingerbread woodwork, bay windows, and a tall brick chimney could all be original, and maintained to look that way, too. The rest of the 6,098 square foot lot is established landscaping that supports the image of 1891. The house is set in Uptown, so views of Admiralty Inlet and Mt. Rainier are available.

If you need more room, like if you have guests, there's a carriage house that's probably been used for carriages, horsed and horseless. Bicycles probably fit, too.

· 1208 Franklin St, Port Townsend [Estately]